Prospective Buyer Information Sheet

To: Sellers and Realtors Listing Property in Nachand Springs Patio Home Community

From: The Nachand Springs Council of Co-Owners (Board)

RE: Issues for You to Share with Realtors

Showing Your Listing to Clients, or Potential Buyers if Selling without a Realtor
The Nachand Springs Patio Home Community is a condominium neighborhood with restrictions, rules, and regulations. It is important that the seller or realtors make their clients aware of some of these before an offer is made on the unit for sale.

There is a webpage The Welcome page is a public page that both you and prospective buyers should read. It lists some of the fees required at closing and the special annual assessment which is due June 30 of each year.

Please note only one pet under 45 pounds when fully grown is allowed. Up to 2 indoor pets are allowed with Board approval. Rules also include pets must be on a leash at all times and feces must be scooped and disposed of in your garbage can every time.
As a general rule of thumb, the owner is responsible for the repair and maintenance of everything inside the unit. The area outside the unit is considered part of the common area, including lawns, driveways, and sidewalks. Any change on the exterior requires prior approval by the Board before beginning the change or signing a contract. For example, if the owner wants to remove or add a shrub, even at the owner’s expense, approval must be requested and approved by the Board.

Rules also address things like no more than 4 decorative items in the mulch and no more than 2 items in the tree branches. All vehicles and garbage and recycle cans must be kept in the garage.

Clients should be encouraged to read all the documents related to Nachand Springs before signing any documents at closing, including the seller’s disclosure.

Please make multiple copies of this to give to realtors showing the unit or prospective buyers.

Please sign and immediately return to Amber Gabbard at Mulloy Properties acknowledging that you have received this. or Mulloy Properties PO Box 436989,
Louisville, KY 40253

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Date _________________________________                            Adopted 6/9/2022